About Us

The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front (ADPF ) is a leading nationalist organization struggling to regain the rights of the Arab people of Ahwaz on the basis of international laws and norms, especially concerning the right of peoples under colonial and foreign domination and alien subjugation: inalienable right to self-determination, freedom and independence in accordance with General Assembly resolution 1514 and International resolutions and conventions known for peoples to reach their self-determination and establish their independent states.

The aim of founding the ADPF was and still is to rally the Ahwazi people and national potentials on a wide scale national framework of struggle to be used together to reach the right to self-determination and liberation.

The goals of the ADPF are led by the principle of self-determination, which guarantees our people the future and the regime of its own choice, after getting rid of the restrictions of oppression, racism, slavery and occupation, whether was this through the implementation of international resolutions which guarantee the rights of colonized peoples, or through a struggle that ends up with the Ahwazi Arab people’s right to its land and wealth and finally its independence.

ADPF Goals:

1: Right of Self-determination

2: Justice

3- Democracy

4 – Popular Education Policy

5- Women right

The ADPF believes that the struggle for liberation, independence and human rights is not confined to one front, but it is wide in all fields, Therefore, the ADPF is seeking to build wide ties with all regional and international, popular and official parties and human rights organizations and civil community and with all forces that reject hegemony and colonialism, respect the rights of oppressed peoples in their struggle to restore their rights including the legitimate rights of the Ahwazi  Arab people.

The ADPF also strongly seeks that the Ahwazi Arab people be present in every major international and regional institution, especially the United Nations and its institutions. It also works to win official and popular friends and allies in the international and regional arenas for the recognition of our people’s right to self-determination and to win their support against of the Iranian occupation.