Statement by the Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front (ADPF) on Occasion of World Mother Tongue Day

Most modern nations around the world have realized that the value of respect for human dignity and individual liberty in recent decades and most of them through peaceful and tireless struggle for freedom from oppressions. The freedom from the Apartheid, the freedom from brutality of communist regimes and the freedom from the authoritarian dictators in the Middle East have once again manifested human rights values are universal, and all nations regardless of people race or believes deserve to elect governments and live in peace and have respect for their human rights. These human values are basic to every civilized society in the 20th century and the elected governments are only legitimized when they regard these values. Legitimate governments are in power to ultimately protect people individual and communal liberty. The international support for and global solidarity with the Arab spring also had shown that the world can no longer afford regimes who commit atrocities against their defenceless people regardless where they happen. But today before world’s eyes the Pan-Iranist chauvinistic regime of Iran and the so-called green movement still deny the communal rights of ethnic minorities in Iran. The Pan-Iranist Persianist who are now leading the movement in Iran or from abroad have always supported the occupation of South-Azerbaijani, South-Turkmenistan, Baluchistan, Kurdistan, and Ahwazi land. The Pan-Iranist whether in opposition or in the regime have always supported the previous Iran`s government in persecuting the none-Persian ethnic minorities in the current geopolitical map of Iran. While still the Iranian regime continues to commit atrocities against its sub-national ethnicities, supporters of the Persianist agenda take pride in the Persian domination in Iran. For so many years, the Pan-Iranist forming Iran’s regimes and and their pro-Persian supporters abroad take pride in Iran`s government agenda of marginalization of ethnic minorities from socio-economic and political life in Iran. This is despite the fact that these minorities form almost 70 percent of Iran’s current population. Iran’s resources have been used to advantage minority Persian rulers. The persecuted minorities are also deprived from their basic rights such as their rights to learn their mother tongue in public school. The Pan-Iranists who are now determining the so-called green movement agenda also support Iran’s regime’s in their Persianization agenda. They are no different than the regime in their extermination policies. Recent Human rights reports from Iran also testify to the fact that there are continuous atrocities against national minorities in Iran which are committed under different pretexts to change demographic character of the ethnically dominated provinces of current Iran. The Pan-Iranist Persianists that are now also where ever they are within the regime or imbedded within the so-called green movement are equally responsible for the marginalization of the ethnic Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Ahwazi, Buluchi, Turkmens in Iran. Speaking on behalf of ADPF, we, the Ahwazi people, as a national minority have experienced all kinds of ethnic cleansing and national marginalization policies and practices either by pervious or the current regimes in Iran. Denial of our the right for self-determination has been championed and supported by the Pan- Iranist past and current rulers. The Persianist agenda also has supporters within the oppositions abroad and the Pan-Iranist within the so-called green movement, but the Persainst whether within the regime or in the oppositions will not stop Ahwazies from their rightful demands for their human rights. The Pan-Iranists are unaware that Iran’s minority will faithfully continue to confront their agenda in Iran and abroad and will put an end to the Persianist dominance in Iran. With our faith and solidarity, we are more determined to continue our struggles for our liberty rights in accordance with internationally recognized norms. On this occasion ADLF would like to congratulate this day to all peaceful people and nations of this world and we the Ahwazies want to condemn Iran’s occupation of our land as a principle denial of our communal rights. We also support the struggle for realization of all human rights in Iran. Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front


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