Breaking news: Thirty Ahwazi arrested on charges of Sunni

The reliable sources from Albesetin west of Al-Ahwaz informed media centre of the Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front (ADPF) that the Iranian intelligence services arrested thirty Ahwazi Arab citizens in Albesetin west of Al-Ahwaz on Tuesday 7th of October 2014. According to the sources, the Iranian intelligence services had arrested the detainees on charge of Sunni and propaganda against the regime. Iranian intelligence services have raided the homes of Ahwazi Arab detainees in early morning on Tuesday and took them to unkown place without prior notice. The media centre was able to get the six names out of the thirty detainees and they are as follows: 1) Ayoub Korushat 2) Yousef Kotushat 3) Ahmad Ebiat 4) Sohyel Houwizawi 5) Rasoul Houwizawi 6) Rasoul Saiedi It is worth mentioning that the Iranian authorities in order to get rid of Ahwazi activists attributed them with ready charges, like relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism, the charge, which normally would be heavy sentence up to a long-term prisons. Media Centre is still following the news closely from the city of Albesetin and to get the names of the other detainees.

ADPF Media Centre City of Albesetin


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