Worker’s Strike in the Middle of the Capital Ahwaz

Fars News announced yesterday Friday, March, 2014 on their website a report stating “ The employees went on a; the employees of Nasr Company (Nasr Jihad) that belongs to the Persian revolutionary guard in the capital city of Ahwaz” They went on a strike in front of the company because they did not receive their salaries. The source added that the Ahwazian workers came from various cities of the occupied Ahwaz. Some of the cities are: Al-khafajiyah, Al-hamidiyah, Al-falahiyah, Al-soos, and Al-howaizah. They gathered in the center of the city of Ahwaz; they protested because they have not received their salaries for eight months from this Persian company. The Main location of this company is in the capital city of Ahwaz, but it has many branches in the other Ahwazian cities. This company works on several projects like water, farming, dam construction, water pipelines, irrigation networks, oil and , roads, constructions, railways, and several other projects. All these projects take place in Ahwaz, and they are projects intended for robbing the Ahwazian treasures. Also their mission is to control and occupy the ahwazi land according to the Persian policies. The workers demanded in their strike that they receive their salaries immediately from the company’s owners. One of the officials in this company suggested that the employees are not getting their salaries because the government is disregarding this matter for unknown reasons. It is noticeable that the Persian occupation policies in Alahwaz are programmed and intended. They want to starve the public and undermine their pride and dignity. These actions violate all international and heavenly laws in dealing with the Ahwazian Arab nation who suffers from poverty and deprivation.

The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front


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