Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights statement of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

While the world celebrating an important day like human right, where all human has to be treated equally and fairly, and no aspect such as gender, colour etc differentiate them, the Ahwazi people has been severely from Iranian regime vicious policies.
Ahwazi people from children to adult are facing slow death through criminal and systematic plans carried out by Iranian regime. Ahwazi children are facing tenebrous future as the death toll of children sank in sewage are rising. There is complete ignorance of Iranian regime officials such as municipal in preventing the occurrence of sad event against children especially in rural and most deprived areas all over the Ahwaz.
Ahwazi infants are been attacked by animals such as mole according to the report by the centre.
Ahwazi youth are leaving school due to punishment they received by the Persian teacher such as tearing eardrum or using stick to beat the student of forcing student to speak Farsi rather than Ahwazi mother tongue that is Arabic.
Arrest against Ahwazi activists is wide spread where the Iranian intelligence or IRGC conduct mass arrest against Ahwazis who are peacefully protesting against water diversion, environmental pollution, pollution of drinking water, expropriation of agricultural land, prevention of agriculture, rivers diversion, drug abuse, poverty, high rate of unemployment, deprivation, illiteracy.
Ahwazi women suffers double from the authorities where Ahwazi girl with age of 15 been arrested for two weeks only for speaking about the Arabs rights. Many women Jalizi village been beaten or used tear gas by Iranian police after try from authorities to confiscate the agricultural land. Most of the women been hospitalized after their health’s deterioration.
Ahwazi women are beaten with bloody face by Iranian police officer under pretext of building without permission.
Ahwazi river’s water been diverted to the other Iranian city and as the result of diversion, which led to the stop of Ahwazi farmers and prevent them from agriculture due of the water scarcity after the construction of enormous dams on Ahwazi rivers and therefore forced the farmers to migrate to the cities in search of work as well as making Al-Ahwaz region as most polluted region in the world.
The Ahwazi people are being killed nowadays in various ways, under torture or death penalty or poisoned intentionally or disease due to deliberate pollution of the environment and the remnants of oil companies and petrochemical plants and large factories.
Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights calls upon international human rights organisation and defenders such United Nations to put pressure on Iranian regime to abide by its commitments to the international community regarding protection, freedom of speech, demands the organization to force the Iranian regime to allow UN special rapporteur Mrs Asma Jahangir to visit non-Persian nations region such as Ahwazi Arab sovereignty.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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