Appeal to Swedish immigration to stop deporting of an Ahwazi refugee

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has learned from Ahwazi refugees in Sweden that an Ahwazi refugee named as Mr. Ali Salamat is going to be deported by the immigration office to Iran on 6th of November 2017.
The ACHR understand that the plane is going to be departed by 21:45 Sweden time and the immigration officer has warned Mr. Salamat that if he refuses to get on board, the officer will handcuff him and transform him even by use of force.
The Centre also realized that Mr. Salamat after his case was refused by Sweden, has applied for asylum in Germany and was return to Sweden by promise to reopen his case and look fairly, but he was shocked when Swedish police officers has detained him and prepare him for deportation.
Mr. Salamat is an Ahwazi activist that were participated on almost all the event in Sweden that condemning the Iranian vicious policies against Ahwazi people that reside in south and south west of Iran.
The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights plea and request the Swedish immigration office to stop deporting Mr. Salamat as the mean of deporting him going to put his life in a danger of long-term imprisonment or disappearances.
The ACHR also put the full responsibility of Mr. Salamat life to Swedish immigration office as the centre has published reports about Ahwazi youth that been returned and were subjected to long-term imprisonment.
The two brothers were Kadhim Sari son of Karim, 26, and Abbas Sari son of Karim, 23, from the “second Shukara” neighbourhood, north-east of the city of Kut Abdullah, were arrested on March 9 2017 following their return from Sweden. They are charged with working against the national security of the Persian state.
Mr. Hamzeh Haji Zadeh is another Ahwazi refugee that been returned from Sweden in September 2017 and arrested by Iranian intelligence service where his fate is unknown up to written of this appeal.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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