The Number of Detainees in the Ahwazi Uprising Reached More Than 450 People

The Number of Detainees in the Ahwazi Uprising Reached More Than 450 People

The Media Centre for Ahwazi Revolution – The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front

Ahwazi Arab intifada Continues!

This began on the 28th of March after Iranian national TV rejected Ahwazi Arab’s existence in their land. It was triggered by an advertisement on pro-Iranian national Media where a child placed dolls wearing traditional dress on an “Iran’s map” to represent each ethnic group within current Iran. They deliberately omitted placing a doll to represent the Ahwazi Arab. Thus, denying our existence.
Ahwazi Uprising Continues as it reaches day 10. The number of arrestees is more than 450. Just 4th and 5th of April in Alawi district (Althoura district) of Ahwaz reached 140, among them 15 children between 11 to 15 years old and most other detainees are teenagers under age, Dozens of the detainees are from Ain-Do district (Sayed Karim district).
Considering the numbers of detainees, it reached more than 450 people.
Here are some names of the Ahwazi prisoners who have been arrested during the past few days;

1. Falah Khazal Mousawi

2. Meysam Alwani

3. Mohammad Bayanat Bani-Sakineh

4. Sajad Sawari

5. Abdul-Reza Doraghi

6. Nader Al-Boghobeish

7. Basem Sawari

8. Sadegh Sawari
9. Nejim Sawari
10. Abbas Faisal Al-Herizawi
11. Menan Al-Sawari
12. Yaghoub Al-Saghry
13. Mohammad Razi Al-Zerghani
14. Abdullah Taher Hafiz Al-Zerghani
15. Mohammad Alaboudi
16. Majed Hamid Al-Sawari
17. Majed Karim Zehiri
18. Khaled Al-Neisi
19. Ali Obeidawi son of Taleb
20. Ali Obeidawi son of Warwar
21. Saeed Sawari
22. Ms Khalidieh Torfi
23. Ali Abiaat
24. Mostafa Sawari
25. Shahab Naami from Zooeah, Ahwaz
26. Hassan Kanani from Zooeah, Ahwaz
27. Salah Baghlani from Abadan city
28. Ali Baghlani from Abadan
29. Sajad Jamaee from Kout Abdullah, Ahwaz
30. Mohammad Fatlawi from Kout Abdullah, Ahwaz
31. Fuad Al-hardani
32. Jamal Al-hardani
33. Fazel Al-bosabih
34. Hossein Albosabih
35. Ebrahim Al-bu-Ali
36. Fazel Awady
37. Mohammad Al-bughobish
38. Satar Albosabih
39. Piruz Albosabih
40. Hamid Al-bughobish
41. Reza Albughobish
42. Mehdi Albughobish
43. Ali Khasraji
44. Zamel Lowami from Shyban
45. Hafez Abudi from Sheyban
46. Adnan Bayanat
47. Jomeh Sawari
48. Sewri Sawari
49. Kazem Terfi
50. Seyyed Hassan Fazeli
51. Fuad Badwi
52. Sajed Alkasir
53. Hassan Alkasir
54. Mohammad Khanifer
55. Saeed Mansouri
56. Habib Chenani
57. Jasem Hamedani
58. Mehdi Taemi
59. Jaseb Hamedani
60. Khaled Mahawi
61. Mahmood Mahawi
62. Mahmood Baitsayah
63. Aeesheh Neisi
64. Khadijeh Neisi
65. Wasam Sawari 19 years old was arrested last night’s protests in Kian Pars (Khaldieh).
66. Mansour Tamimi from Kout Abdollah who was arrested by the security forces.
67. Adnan Khasraji was arrested in Kout Abdullah.
68. Salman Abyat was arrested in the first day of the protests, poet from Hamidiyeh.

Ahwazi Centre for Human rights sources said that from day 1 of the protests Iranian Security Intelligence Forces (Ettela’at) are raiding houses Ahwazi activist and arresting young Ahwazis in different suburb and cities in Ahwaz in order to cause fear and panic in Ahwazis’ lives. They are trying to stop them from uprising and protesting for their rights in their own land which the Iranian regime has occupied for more than 90 years. Some parents of the detainees including children and teenagers went to Ettela’at headquarter to get any information about the fate of their children, but they also got detained by Security forces.

Observe the influx of repressive forces on Arab people in the streets and the way Ahwazi Arab youth are arrested. Arrests of dozens of Ahwazi Arab youth like in the video or worst in Kout Abdullah, Ahwaz.
Click Here to Watch Video

As Ahwazi Arab intifada Continues the mass detention of Ahwazi Arab in the Ahwazi region continuous too!
One of the Ahwazi Arab poet, Abdul-Reza Doraghi 50 years old from Cantex district in Ahwaz, was also arrested by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps knowns as (IRGC). He has been arrested and imprisoned several times for his poetry and cultural activities.
Ahwazi Centre for Human rights sources added, Hundreds of Arab activists who had past record of imprisonment were also got arrested by the IRGC. The mass arrests continuing in Malashiyeh, Hamidieh, Ain-Do, Kout Abdullah, Alawi district, and many different cities in Ahwaz and Abadan.
Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights hold the Iranian Intelligence Services responsible for burning Nawras Café in Althoura District, Al-Ahwaz. One of Iranian intelligence services blocked all doors to a café in Keyan suburb in Ahwaz, he used gasoline in order to burn everyone alive. He emptied a gasoline through the window into the shop and burned the place.
Here are some names of the Ahwazi Arabs who burned alive by the Iranian regime;
1. Adel Afrawi
2. Fuad Ghafeli
3. Mohsen Yaseri
4. Ali Sobhani
5. Hassan Heidari
6. Adnan Afri
7. Ali Afrawi
8. Hashem Afrawi
9. Mansour Afrawi
10. Hadi Bani-tamimi
11. Farhan Hardani

We are urging all humanitarian, human rights organizations and international community to act now on crimes against Ahwazi Arabs and other non-Persian nations such as Kurds, Turks and Baloch and Turkmen.

The Media Centre for Ahwazi Revolution – The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front

Written by Ali Bouazar
Date: 07/04/2018


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