Arrest of an Ahwazi cultural activist by the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence

According to reliable source quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has arrested an Ahwazi cultural activist by 8pm (Ahwaz time) on Wednesday the 1st of November 2017.

The source said that the Ahwazi detainee named as Mr. Ahmad Tha’labi Hasani, 25, was arrested when he was at his shop in Modarres street, Alawi neighbourhood of Ahwaz capital.

The relatives of Ahmad Sa’bali Hassani told the source that the intelligence forces detained him on Wednesday with three black Peugeot cars and then handcuff him and while he was handcuffed and in their cars, the searched detainee’s home and took number of Arabic books after a raid of the home.

So far, the family did not know the reason behind Ahmad’s arrest, but the intelligent agent told them that they can come to the intelligence headquarters (Setad Khabari).

Mr. Ahmad Tha’labi Hasani is one of the cultural activists in the Ahwaz region. He is one of the protesters for air and environmental pollution, changing the route of Karun River water and promoting Arabic culture in the region. Ahmad also has activities in social network like Facebook.

In the similar context the Iranian intelligence service has arrested another Ahwazi young on28th of October 2017.

The Centre has realized that the Intelligence service has arrested Mohammad Hazbawi son of Masoud with age of 22, from Kut Abdullah neighbourhood and took him to unknown place.

Despite the wide search of the detainee’s family to get any news about their beloved son but all the attempts were unsuccessful.

The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front



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