Ahwazi Arab Farmers Gathering to Protest the Ban on summer planting

Ahwazi Arab Farmers Gathering to Protest the Ban on summer planting

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


Ahwazi Arab farmers gathering to protest the ban on summer planting in front of the governor and the water and energy organization in Ahwaz.

Following the announcement of the prohibition and limitation of summer planting, on Wednesday morning, a number of farmers in the downstream cities of Karoon and Karkheh held a protest at the same time in front of the governorate as well as the water and electricity organization in Ahwaz.


The gathering, which was held in front of the governor’s office near the door of the Khuzestan Water and Power Organization. Farmers call for Shariati and Shamsai to resign. In their slogans, these farmers demanded the resignation of Shariati Governor of Ahwaz and Shamsai the director of the water and electricity organization, because of their inability to defend the rights of the people of the province.

On the other hand, death of a worker set himself on fire in Abadan municipality. The pressure of no paying him his salary was the reason he set himself on fire. Zamil, a worker who attempted to self-immolate in a protest against the Abadan Municipality building, died yesterday.

He was burned along with another colleague of his who tried to save Zamil’s life. According to a human rights activist in Abadan, “After an unfortunate incident involving two of our colleagues who eventually led to the death of one of them, the employer paid all the wage demands of the workers of Abadan Municipality”.


The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front

Written by Hossein Bouazar

Date: 29/05/2018


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