The Unknown Fate of Ahwazi Detainees Arrested After Military Parade Attack

The unknown fate of Ahwazi detainees arrested after military parade attack

Some of the new and old detainees been transferred to different Iranian cities

Hundreds of Ahwazi civilians were arrested by the Iranian intelligence agency following the military parade attack in Ahwaz capital that taken place on Saturday the 22ndof September 2018.

According to human rights activists within Ahwaz quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR), some of the arrests were carried out as bulky and against all family member of attackers that attacked the military parade in Ahwaz capital. There is no news about the four family members so far where number of children among the arrestee that are not exceeding the age of ten.

Also the local activists quoted to ACHR that number of Ahwazi detainees were transferred to Tehran for unknown reason and without prior notice the detainees’ themselves and their families.

ACHR knew that the Iranian department that has carried out systematic arrests aftermath of military attack is the security ministry (also known as Itla’at), in which some of the detainees that were arrested recently had a history of detention due to their political and civil activities.

ACHR also understood that number of Ahwazi detainees that were released on bail prior to military parade attack, were summoned by ministry of intelligence and arrested again.

ACHR has identified following names that were arrested following attack that are as follows:

  • Jamil Haidari, 33, from Ahwaz capital

  • Majed Haidari, 25, from Ahwaz capital

  • Ahmad Hemri, 29, Bachelor degree, from Mandely district of Ahwaz capital

  • Seyed Jasem Rahmani (Musawi), 33, from Mandely district of Ahwaz capital

  • Majed Cheldawi from Ahwaz capital,

  • Zamel Haidari with all family member, from Ahwaz capital

  • Sayed Hamud Rahmani (Musawi), from Ahwaz capital

  • Ali Sawari, 23, from Ahwaz capital

  • Hatam Sawari, from Ahwaz capital

  • Adnan Sawari, from Ahwaz capital

  • Hussein Haidari, from Ahwaz capital

  • Ahmad Bawi, from Gholdasht district of Ahwaz capital

  • Abdulrahman Khasraji, 32, from Kut Sayed Naeem

  • Mehdi Saedi, 27, from Hamidiyeh city

  • Jawad Badawi, 26, from Mallashyeh district of Ahwaz capital

  • Mehdi Kuti from Hamidiyeh city

  • Ali Kuti from Hamidiyeh city

  • Sattar Kuti from Hamidiyeh city

  • Ali Mansuri from Hamidiyeh city

  • Mohammad Moemen Timas, 55, from Shekareh district of Ahwaz capital

  • Ahmad Timas, from Shekareh district of Ahwaz capital

  • Osameh timas, from Shekareh district of Ahwaz capital

  • Adel Afrawi, from Hamidieyeh city

  • Adel Zeheiri, barber profession, from Shahrak of Ahwaz capital

  • Mohammad Elhaii, 25, from Ahwaz capital

  • Hashem Elhaii, from Ahwaz capital

  • Salman Elhaii, from Ahwaz capital

  • Khaled Sawari, 29, from Shekareh district of Ahwaz capital

ACHR has received multiple news from sources within different part of Ahwaz confirms that the security forces use barbaric and heinous methods in arresting the Ahwazi young where during the intensive raid and arrest campaign to detain Ahwazi young named as Mr. Adnan Mazreah, the parent tried to stops the intelligence forces from arresting of their son, but the forces has broken the father’s hand and mother’s rib, and since the arrest there is no news of Adnan and his father and brother.

Another detainee’s relative explaining the arrest to ACHR that the intelligence forces has knocked the home main door, and the detainee after opening the door, the forces has covered the head with bag and the estimate number of forces that entered the home were between 10 to 15 persons and after searching the complete home, asked the family member to stay by out of home aiming to full search of the home, we have noticed that all our neighbours are surrounded by intelligence forces.

In similar context, according to reliable sources from Ahwaz, the Iranian regime has carried out a large-scale arrest campaign in the various districts of Ahwaz capital. The campaign included activists from the Mallashyeh district in the late hours of Saturday evening, October 6, 2018.

According to the source, one of the detainees was transferred to one of the Ahwazi hospitals due to the severity of the torture and his situation is very severe, so far no information is available on the identity and destiny of the person.

Some families said that no official department is willing to respond; even we went to the Revolutionary Court and arrested some members of the family without reason and only for the sake of clarifying the situation of their children.

The names of a number of Mallashyeh detainees district of Ahwaz capital are as follows:

  • Abbas Badawi

  • Mohsen Badawi

  • Hassan Ben Ali

  • Jader Afrawi

  • Milad Afrawi

  • Ali Albaji

  • Mokhtar Masoudi

  • Nohammad Masoudi

  • Abdullah Silawi

  • Khaled Silawi

  • Riath Zahiri

  • Maher Masoudi

  • Jawad Hashemi

  • Yousef Khasraji

  • Alireza Deris

  • Adel Zahiri

The number of arrestees is about 30 persons and the centre has identified only half of them.

Also the Iranian judiciary authorities in shocking step after the attack on the parade of the armed forces in Ahwaz capital, has approved an order to expellees a number of Ahwazi political prisoners from Ahwazi Sheyban Prison to other Iranian cities’ prisons.

According to the reliable source stated that, a number of Ahwazi political prisoners in Sheyban prison were transferred to Zanjan Central Prison, Tabriz Central Prison, Ardabil Central Prison and Aligudarz Prison in recent days.

Ahwazi detainee “Abdul Amir Beat Sayyah”, who was arrested about 10 years ago and held in Sheyban Prison, was expelled to Ardabil Central Prison a few days ago. Mr. “Beat Sayyah” was arrested for unknown reasons due to a clash with security forces and has been imprisoned in Ahwazi Karoon and Sheyban prisons 10 years ago. He is currently suffering from physical and mental problems.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the arbitrary arrests against defendless Ahwazi people and calls for release of all detainees unconditionally and demands international interventions to stops the Iranian regime’s heinous crimes that comes under Ahwazi ethnic cleansing and also the centre has concerns about unfair and injustice judgements that led the regime to announce death sentences against Ahwazi young in nearest future.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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