Secretary-General’s message on 29th anniversary of founding of Organization of the Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front

Secretary-General’s message on 29th anniversary of founding of Organization of the Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front

The brave Arab people of Ahwaz, sons of our glorious Arab nation.

On January 20th, 1990, The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front (ADPF) launched the Ahwazi Nationalist struggle to declare to the entire world that the people of Al-Ahwaz are going through their liberation struggle after a generation to realize all their national humanitarian demands, fate and the restoration of Ahwaz Arab independent freedom have been missing from Arab people of Al-Ahwaz’s life.

The ADPF is well aware that confronting the brutal Persian occupation of Iran must be carried out through a conscious organization that lives among the masses and draws their energies from it, fulfils its demands and its will, and reclaims all its just and legitimate rights by the strength of our people and its own potential. It is well aware that the conscious and orderly people in their political and cultural frameworks and entities, aware of their national duties are unbeatable, will not surrender, will defeat the enemy, achieve victory, embrace freedom and establish their independent state.

Since January 20th, 1990, we are betting on the awareness of our people and the potential of self-developed in our battle fateful with the Iranian enemy and we are approaching that day, which must stand with our millions of millions to say the word against the Iranian enemy raging aggressor and sin and tell the world that the occupation that there is a courageous people in Ahwaz who do not give up and do not compromise with the brutal Iranian aggressor and will not accept a solution without liberation and independence and accept only the free and independent Arab land, a sovereign homeland and a master.

We salute this precious national occasion for all of our hearts. The Iranian state is experiencing crises and delicate conditions internally, regionally and internationally. Iran is failing economically and politically and at all levels. We would like to take this opportunity
to announce the positions of ADPF on the following matter.

First: The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front calls upon the masses of our people to prepare, vigilance, organize and communicate with the Ahwazi national factions and support our resistance in the field of Ahwaz and circumvent it.

Second: The Iranian occupation government and its opponents in the diaspora and inside will work to create political alternatives at all levels to pass their policies and circumvent the struggle of our people and national goals through promises and lies and polish the images of some parties close to the government and the Iranian opposition to make them a substitute for the will of our people at the current stage. We call on our youth of Ahwaz rejection of hegemony and the Persian occupation, vigilance and caution to make national slogans and goals and principles, and the liberation of Ahwaz border between the Iranian and Ahwaz until the independent Ahwazi state.

Thirdly, The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front is working to topple the current Iranian regime as a tactical act that contributes to creating opportunities to achieve the objectives of our national people within the framework of international law and it will not ally with any party without official and public recognition and international mediation of our people’s right to self-determination and legitimate right In the declaration of independent State.

Fourth: The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front confirms its support for any Arab or international coalition whose objective is to topple the current Iranian regime and to support the peoples in achieving their free will and their right to self-determination.

Fifth: The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front emphasizes its strategic alliance with the non-Persian peoples occupied by the Iranian state until the liberation of Ahwaz and the declaration of the independent Ahwazi state.

Sixth: The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front was and still considers Ahwazi national unity a necessity and not an option. Its membership in the National Council of the Ahwazi Revolution Forces and the coalition among them and among the national factions affiliated with the coalition.

Seventh: The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front calls upon the Arab brothers and peoples to support our national liberation struggle, especially at this critical stage of the life of the Iranian government, which is suffering from various crises because of its occupation of the Arab countries and its blatant interference in the security of the Arab countries and their societies. The Iranian state is always dangerous as long as it continues to occupy the Arab Ahwaz rich in wealth and strategic position important, the liberation of Ahwaz is not only a national duty but is a human right and it is Ahwazi people’s rights.

That your arrogant front, which has taken upon itself to confront the Iranian regime by all legitimate means, believing in victory and firmly believes that the Iranian occupation a traitor and a disgrace to this world. The courageous people of Ahwaz will not disappoint those who save have given their lives for Al-Ahwaz land and that is our support and strength in fighting the enemy.

Live long the great people of Ahwaz

Glory to martyrs and freedom of prisoners

And the Persian occupation of Al-Ahwaz, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon

The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front

The Media Centre for Ahwazi Revolution – The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front

Date: 20/01/2019


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