An Ahwazi delegation attended the Warsaw International Conference for the “Peace and Security in the Middle East”

An Ahwazi delegation attended the Warsaw International Conference for the “Peace and Security in the Middle East”

The high-level of Ahwazi delegation from the ”Front Nations for Self Determination in Iran (FNFSD.COM) and the National Council of the Ahwazi Revolution Force“ has participated in the Warsaw Conference for the “Peace and Security in the Middle East”, which opened on Wednesday 13 February in the Polish capital and has continued till Thursday, 14 February 2019.

The delegation met with a number of Arab foreign ministers and media present on the side-lines of the international conference held in the Polish capital of Warsaw, and highlighted the political situation and the importance of the Ahwazi issue in the stability of the Middle East and its important role in weakening and fragmenting the world supporting terrorism that is Iranian 
On the other hand, Mr. Faisal Maramazi, Executive Director of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights and a member of the delegation present in Warsaw, said that they met with a number of official delegations in this conference, including the Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa and exchanged views on countering Iranian terrorism in the region, particularly in the Arabian Gulf region.

The Ahwazi delegation presented a copy of letter from the ”Front Nations for Self Determination in Iran (FNFSD.COM) “ to the Bahrain Minister of the Foreign Affairs, which includes the demands of the Front and the goals it aspires to achieve for the people who have been under the Iranian occupation for decades.

The delegation had intensive meetings with several delegations presented the international conference, during which they explained the violations of the Iranian human rights regime towards non-Persian peoples, which constitute more than 70% of the population of Iran’s political geography.

During the interviews that taken place in Warsaw the representative of FNFSD said that the non-Persian nations including South Azerbaijani Turks, Ahwazi Arab, Baluchistan and South Turkmenistan are aspire to freedom and independence and their right to self-determination and are ready to work with the international community to change the Iranian regime that world number one terrorism’s supporter.

The delegation met several international Tv channels that came to cover the Warsaw Conference for the Middle East and held important meetings on the side-lines of the conference with the Ahwazi delegation.

The Ahwazi delegation participated in the international conference in Warsaw, raised the Ahwaz national flag and the image of the martyr Ahmed Neysi (also known as Ahmed Mola), leader and founder of the Arab struggle Movement for liberation of Al-Ahwaz, who was assassinated by the hands of the Iranian terrorist on November 8, 2017 in the Netherlands, to show the world and participants in this conference that the Iranian regime is a source and producer of cross-border terrorism and must be held accountable and finally disposed of and give the non-Persian nations that are occupied by Iran the right to self-determination.

The Front Nations for Self-determination (Iran)


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