Iranian militias in Ahwaz (South and Southwest)

Iranian militias in Ahwaz (South and Southwest)
It’s obvious to the world that the Iranian revolutionary guard corps has moved all their abroad terrorist militias inside Ahwaz region in the recent few weeks.
These moves can be very remarkable attention for political analysts and international community that are suffering from Iranian terrorist activity in the world and especially in the Middle East region.

By in-depth looking to the Ahwazi Arab who are living under Iranian occupation for more than 94 years, they believe these militias will terrorize the Ahwazi Arab life’s sectors such as socially, economically and politically, leading to destabilise the ordinary and daily life within Al-Ahwaz, plus forcing Ahwazi Arab to evacuate their homes and agricultural lands after Iranian regime opening the dams deliberately to destroying Ahwazi region for the purpose of demographic changes in all over Ahwaz region.
In addition the Iranian regime has threatened the Ahwazi flooded cities and villages people officially that they will not rebuilt affected villages and towns in their old places and they have intimidated Ahwazi people to transfer and accommodate them in central and north provinces of Iran.
This rule (force migration) will be implemented by hidden and secret Iranian elements(militias) by transferring them from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.
We call upon the US department of state and alliance and international community to be aware from the deployment of these terrorist organizations on Ahwazi land and their crime towards Ahwazi people life, especially after the registration of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps on the list of terrorist organisations recently.
the transferred militias behaviour will be worse than revolutionary guard itself in tackling the future uprising in Ahwaz region after the Iranian authorities has realised that they have been lost the trust of Iranian people and non Persian nations and all most all the non-Persian nations are looking forward to gain their rights to self determination in nearest future.
Ali Moramazy,
Deputy Secretary General
of ADPF And international


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