This year is the 95th anniversary of the Persian occupation of Al-Ahwaz.

This year is the 95th anniversary of the Persian occupation of Al-Ahwaz. We do not pay any attention to the past years to evoke the facts of a crime that occurred. The present occupation is still extended and open to the points of time.
We do not need anything to remind us of our humanitarian tragedy that has been going on for ninety-five years, and we are still living it now, and we are still resisting the consequences of its results, Now, in Al-Ahwaz, on the land of our homeland, which we have no homeland other than Al-Ahwaz. will not forget what happened to us on the ground of Al-Ahwaz and what is happening now, Not because collective and individual memory is fertile and able to restore our sad stories, Rather, the story of the land and the people, the story of tragedy and heroism, is still told in blood, in the open conflict between what we want us to be now, and what we want to be in the future.
The meaning that Al-Ahwaz understands of this occupation is that they are subjected to a major uprooting operation, And in converting them into refugees in their countries and abroad, and in an attempt to expel them from existence, air and space, After occupying their land and history, and to convert them from an explicit entity in time and space into a surplus of ghosts exiled outside of time and space.
But the occupiers were not able to break the will of the Al-Ahwaz people and obliterate their national identity, neither by displacement, by massacres, nor by turning the illusion into reality or by falsifying history. For nearly ten decades, they have not been able to push us into oblivion, and to exclude the Ahwazi Truth from global consciousness. This year, the ninety-fifth anniversary of the occupation comes in the midst of Ahwazi’s defense of humanity in their being, about their natural right to freedom and self-determination on their homeland.
The People’s Democratic Front of Al-Ahwaz, yesterday, today and tomorrow, which is the legitimate natural expression of resistance to slavery represented by the occupation characterized by the most heinous forms of apartheid, and seeks, under the mask of the evasive Islamic Republic, to strip Ahwazi’s of land and sources of life, and to isolate them in isolated demographic gatherings.
The Al-Ahwazi Democratic Front, in essence, is a popular and civil protest movement that seeks to save Al-Ahwaz from the misguidance of racism and return it to its only legitimate gates: justice and freedom.
The international community cannot continue to turn a blind eye to what is happening now on the ground of Al-Ahwaz. The Iranian aggression continues to destroy and besiege the Al-Ahwazi community, and to kill and assassinate, with all its surplus destructive power against an unarmed people defending what remains of its threatening existence.
The international community must intervene to protect Ahwazi’s from the brutality of the terrorist violence practiced by the Iranian regime, which has established itself above international law, has become an urgent necessity more than ever, not only to think about a previous sin, but also to prevent more sins from being committed.
We did not forget the beginning, we will not forget yesterday, nor tomorrow, and tomorrow begins now, from insisting on continuing this path … the path of freedom, the path of resistance until the convergence of freedom.

Written by: Fouad Alahwazi


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