The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front welcomes the Britain and the United States’ decision to punish those involved in attempts to assassinate dissidents

The official spokesperson for the Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front , Dr. Faisal Al-Ahwazi, welcomed the British-American decision to punish those involved in terrorist acts targeting opponents of the Iranian regime, affirming that such decisions limit Iranian terrorist activities in European territories, North American countries, and all over the world. However, they are not sufficient, especially as Iran’s supporters from terrorist militias and various nationalities have become numerous in European and American countries. It is necessary to address the Iranian threat to security and stability in the region and the world fundamentally by depriving the Iranian terrorist regime of legitimacy and supporting free democratic opposition, especially the opposition of oppressed and occupied non-Persian nations suffering from various forms of blatant human rights violations.
Experiences have shown that the Western countries’ ignorance and neglect towards Iran do not yield the expected results but rather whet the appetite of the Iranian regime to commit terrorist crimes such as the assassination of the martyr Ahmad Mola in the Netherlands and the abduction of the martyr Habib Aswad in Turkey, who are European citizens, as well as the Iranian regime’s involvement with murder and drug gangs to carry out its criminal projects.
Security and stability cannot return to Western countries and neighboring regional countries to Iran except by taking practical and deterrent steps against the main sponsor of terrorism in the world, namely the Iranian regime and its associated terrorist militias.

Democratic Popular Front


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