The Foreign Relations Committee of the Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front supports the American military actions against Iranian militias in Iraq and Syria. 

We view these strikes as significant, yet inadequate, for deterring the Iranian terrorism that undermines regional stability and security. We believe that the only way to halt this form of terrorism is by backing the revolutionary efforts of non-Persian ethnic groups aiming to topple the regime, thereby enabling the peoples to determine their own destiny.

These militias, killing innocent civilians in Ahwaz and in non-Persian nations, are not the only ones that should be targeted, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) should also be targeted  to prevent these horrendous crimes committed in Europe and the Middle East. 

These crimes occurring around the world because of the IRGC, whose supporting the terrorist activities by the militia and whose base is in Iran, will not stop without stopping the root cause of these crimes. Therefore the only way to prevent this corruption is to eliminate the existence of the cause to this terrorism. 

The militias can only be replaced, the root cause of destabilisation of diplomatic relations in the world is the Iranian Government, acting via the IRCG to create these ballistic missiles and continue with their terrorism, oppression, kidnapping and destabilising the security of those countries. 

As long as the IRCG are distributing and supporting this terrorism in the region, the militia will disguise and adapt to different ways in spreading this terrorism such as changing their name, maintaining the same ideology of terrorism. 

The Iranian regime is the hosting and fuelling terrorist support. With even the leader of Al Qaida living in Iran, securing its full support to spread and encourage terrorism in the region. 

We appreciate the efforts in declaring action against sources of the Iranian Regime which is supporting terrorist activities such as in the Middle East and the Red Sea, which is causing this corruption and destabilisation for innocent civilians and the world.

The Foreign Relations Committee

Ahwazi Democratic People Front

Ali Mramaz



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