The official spokesperson for the Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front welcomes the United States’ classification of the Houthi militias as a global terrorist organization.

On 17/01/2024, the United States classified the Yemeni Houthi militia as a global terrorist organization, placing it on the terrorism list—a step seen as a positive move to combat terrorism and restore security and stability to Yemen and the region. This action sends a clear message to the Iranian regime, the primary financier of terrorism and militias, responsible for most regional crisis in the Middle East for decades.

While the Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front supports the U.S. decision, it believes that Iranian militias and their terrorist and expansionist tools will only cease destabilizing regional and international security by addressing the root cause in Tehran. This is where the planning, funding, and establishment of various terrorist militias occur.

Achieving this goal requires standing in solidarity with the oppressed non-Persian peoples who have been under the occupation of the Iranian regime for decades, struggling for their freedom and the right to self-determination.

Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front


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