Ahwazi land confiscation as well as mass women beaten by IRGC

Ahwazi land confiscation as well as mass women beaten by IRGC
The complete siege of the Ahwazi village of Jalizi
Mass arrest against the Ahwazi women and men
Dozens of detainees and others fled!
According to news from Dachat al-Abbas district in the north of the Al-Ahwaz region, the “ETKA” organization affiliated to Iranian Army, attacking Arab villagers in the village of Jalizi and arrested dozens of men and women in the village, in a continuous attempt to completely disassemble and confiscate the Ahwazi agricultural land.
The story started on Sunday morning the 3rd of December 2017, when Ahwazi people from the village of Jalizi plowed their ancestral lands, during which the Army-dependent organization “ETKA”, claiming ownership of the land, took advantage of the government status as well as the cooperation of security forces attacked women and men who were working on the ground by using tear gas and batons intended to expel farmers from their agricultural lands.
Iranian security forces during the attack on Ahwazi farmers have been beaten and insulted farmers severely, where a large number of women were hospitalized after their health deteriorated.
After storming the agricultural fields and arresting Arab farmers, the Iranian security forces stormed the Dehloran Hospital and arrested the wounded women and injured them by attacking them with the batons that led to injuring them seriously.
The story did not end here. Iranian security forces attacked the village of Jalizi by tens of vehicles carrying the security forces and beat the residents of this village and injured a large number of them and arrested more than fifty people.
The Ahwazi activists has identified the following names of the detainees:
1-Jassim Jalizi
2. Mrs Jassim Jalizi(Jassim’s wife)
3-No’a Hilo Jalizi
4- Tarfayeh Jalizi
5. Hasneh Zomaid Jalizi
6. Hemida Jalizi
7. Hamideh Chabawi
8-Seyyed Shabib al-Haei
9-Abu Bass Jalizi
10-Sabah Jalizi
11-Jassim Jalizi
12-Zaghir Jalizi
13. Seyyed Sabahi al-Haei
15. Jassim Bastush Jalizi
16. Saghir Khesjari
17- Abbas Karim Alshaye Jalizi
18-Jassam Muhammad Sarkhi
19-Ali Maleh Jalizi.
In response to this brutal attack by the security forces, the rest of the villages in order to protect their families from the violence of Iranian security forces fled to neighbouring villages and a number of families hide themselves in the mountains.
The “ETKA” organisation has previously confiscated more than 4,000 hectares of Arabs’ farming land and only 1,000 hectares remained in the ownership of the people, which the organization has recently claimed ownership.
The confiscation of Arabs’ land has always been one of the security and strategic policies of the Iranian government to change the demographic composition as well as the ethnic cleansing of Ahwaz region.
The “ETKA” organization is not the first Iranian governmental organization to seize thousands of acres of land from Arab farmers through a time. Organisation such as Mehr Building organisation, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp, Veteran Foundation, Arvand free trade zone, eight projects of Sugarcane, Fisheries and Aquaculture Projects affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards, and several other Iranian governmental agencies have seized and confiscated hundreds of thousands of hectares of Arabs land through organised and systematic plans.
The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly and firmly condemns the heinous crime perpetrated by Iranian criminal regime in injuring the Ahwazi women in order to confiscate the farmers’ lands, and actions taken the Islamic Republic of Iran, is in complete contradiction with the UN resolutions and norms, which emphasize the need to respect the right of land owners by the governments that govern these lands.
The centre has received following videos that prove the Iranian regime cruelty barbaric actions against Ahwazi villagers including women.
1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khUR5Rsn8qY
2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YByCp_4iklM
3- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sinlLq0r-KA
Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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