Major protests spread across the globe from Ahwaz city in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon in middle east and from Russia to Hong Kong in 2019

Aerial view of demonstrators during the fifth straight day of protests against a now suspended hike in metro ticket prices in Valparaiso Chile, on October 22, 2019. - The demonstrations against the metro ticket prices exploded into violence on October 18, unleashing widening protests over living costs and social inequality. President Sebastian Pinera was to meet Tuesday with leaders of Chile's political parties in hopes of finding a way to end street protests that have now claimed 15 lives. (Photo by JAVIER TORRES / AFP) (Photo by JAVIER TORRES/AFP via Getty Images)

Major protests spread across the globe from Ahwaz city in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon in middle east and from Russia to Hong Kong in 2019

Demonstration erupted over corruption, taxes, climate change, and much more marking what experts says “It was a tipping point order”.

Ordinary people fed up with measures imposed by a ruling elite, from Hong Kong to Puerto Rico, Chile to India across the Middle East Iran, Iraq to Lebanon an outpouring of anger raged across nearly every continent with millions rallying against their governments to tell their stupid leaders, this is not good enough.

Hong Kong;

In Hong Kong peaceful marches that started over a controversial extradition bill escalated into the city’s biggest political crisis in modern times lifting the lid on frustrations and a lack of full autonomy going back decades, more than 6000 people have been arrested since protests began, right through the heart of Hong Kong the crowds just keep on coming as far as the eye can see, Authorities has done everything possible to try to minimize this sort of protest from happening but protests are continuing for over 7 months.

Moscow protests

Starting from July 2019 numerous approved and unapproved rallies in Moscow (also known as part of the political crisis) began, caused by the situation with the 2019 Moscow City Duma elections. Widespread public protests were triggered by numerous authorities’ violations, claimed by the independent opposition candidates, during the registration procedure.

Puerto Rico;

In Puerto Rico protesters demanded the resignation of their governor.

Across the middle east anti-government protests swept through Iraq, Lebanon and Iran, Baghdad is burning fuelled by rage at the government, at least more than 500 people have been killed since demonstrations began on October 1.

Iraqi Security force have been deployed across the capital city roads are blocked, the internet is shut down and media access is severely restricted. One of protesters says: “People went of into the street to try to get their rights, basic human rights, ending the corruption and cutting Iranian mullah regime and their militias, this government is a failure government and nothing more, we are staying in the street till our voices get heard, this government keep giving fake promises, those promises does not work anymore.

People are expressing a really deep sense of frustration and outrage at the military leaders, the religious leaders the old-style political structures that have ruled this country since 2003 the fall Saddam Hussein.


Lebanese have been protesting against Lebanon’s deteriorating economy, the country owes more than $80 billion in foreign debt and has one of the world’s biggest debt to GDP ratios, they want a fundamental change in how this country is run and who runs it? One of the protesters says: “Iranian mullah regime and their poppy’s Hezbollah brought us just black world, sanctions, religious extremist to this country, we as Lebanese want to run the country and not Iranian poppy’s, the longer these protests go on, the country will essentially become paralysed.


Protesters angry at an increase in the price of fuel have poured out into the streets across the country. According to the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACFH) at least 1550 protesters were killed by Iranian regime, and Amnesty International has confirm at least 300 of them.

The government responded with a total internet blackout for at least 10 days, Iran has prided itself on keeping life going in the face of crippling US sanctions, but these protests are a result of significant government debt and financial problems.


In October over a million Chilean took to the streets throughout the country demanding President Sebastian Pinatas resignation, Protests started due to anger over economic inquality.


In some parts of India thousands of troops were deployed to break up protests against a controversial new citizenship law that India possible allowing migrants from Africa

India passed a bill allowing migrants from Afghanistan. Bangladesh and Pakistan to apply for Indian citizenship, as long as they are not Muslims. At least 22 people have been killed and mobile data and internet services were suspended in some parts of Delhi near protest sites.

2019 might be remembered as the year of people pushed for equality, justice and autonomy with new ferocity even powerful marks upon the world

By Ali Bouazar


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