Iranian regime lingeringly kills Karoon River

Iranian regime working on the destruction of Karoon River since nine decades, immediately after the occupation of Al-Ahwaz, in this time, which is the most important river of the lifeline of Ahwazi Arabpeople, Who lived on its banks since the third millennium BC. Iranian regime began proceedings to destroy the Karoon River by twisting the riverbed to the central part of Iran (ISFAHAN, KERMAN, GUM), where they dug number of channels extending from the Karoon River estuary to the central cities, in which the Ahwazi Arab are deprived from safe drinking water and agriculture, which is one of the most important ways in which the Ahwazi people passes their life through it. The other violations, which carried out by the Iranian authorities in order to destroy the Karoon River is to bury this river from both sides to be a little river easier for them to terminate it in the future. Persian authorities buried large parts of the Karoon River and opened roads for cars on both sides, where it is a malignant policy of the Persian regime in which they intend to end the presence of Karoon River and deprive the Ahwazi Arab people from its wealth. From other hand there are attempts by the Persian state, and especially by Isfahan province’s deputies to open new channels to steal Karoon River water, where on Thursday, 4 September 2014, thousands of Ahwazi Arab residents gathered by the bank of Karoon river in Ahwaz capital protesting against regime vicious scheme in diverting the kroon’s water to the Iran central region and have called on Jerry Lewis, the United Nations Commissioner and Chairman of the human development programme in Tehran and asked him to take action and intervene to stop the Karoon diversion which is said would have serious environmental implications on Ahwazi people. The ADPF’s Media Centre has received video that been recorded recently and shows that number of bulldozers is working continuously to bury the two Karoon River’s banks, and if the situation continues as, no water will remain in Karoon River, in which it raises concerns among Ahwazis and there will be enormous adverse effects on Ahwazi citizens such as spread of epidemics and diseases that forcing Ahwazi on immigration. To watch the received film please  Click Here

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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