Mass demonstrations held by the Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front in Toronto and London

Despite the extreme cold and snow, hundreds of Ahwazis on Saturday February 21,2015 gathered in the Canadian city of Toronto under the national flag of Al-Ahwaz in solidarity with the Ahwazi Arab people’s rallies and mass demonstrations run in an occupied Al-Ahwaz, against the Persian occupation’s practices, which culminating in all aspects of daily life in the Al-Ahwaz. Representatives from non-Persian peoples front has been participated in the demonstrations, such as Ahwazi Democratic Popular front (ADPF), south Azerbaijan independence party, South Turkmenistan party and Baluchistan party waving flags of Ahwazi, Azerbaijani and Baluchi, and also number of the Arab community attended in solidarity with the Ahwazi Arab people. The demonstrators chanted slogans against the Iranian occupation to Al-Ahwaz and other Non-Persians Lands and waving banners and handed out leaflets to passers condemns the Persian occupation and its repressive practices, demanding the international community to support the national struggle of Non-Persian nations. In the same context, The Front of Nations for Self-determination held mass demonstration outside the office of British Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday, February 22, 2015 in London. The Ahwazi Democratic Popular front (ADPF) a faction of the National Organization for the Liberation of Al-Ahwaz (HAZEM), has participated strongly in this demonstration, along with members of The Front of Nations for Self-determination, including the South Azerbaijan independence party. Also members of the Council of People ‘Union of the Arabian Gulf and the London office of International Association of Rights and Freedoms participated in this demonstration, and declared their solidarity with the Ahwazi Arab people and legitimate demands and salvation of the Persian occupation. A chairman of Nations without State, Mr Graham Williamson and Doris Jones Human Rights Activist also took part in the United Kingdom demonstrations. At the end of demonstration, Mr Ali Moramazy ADPF’s Deputy Secretary-General and Graham Williamson and Mr Araz from South Azerbaijan independence party and Mr. Alp from South Turkmenistan party and a delegation from the demonstrators visited British Prime Minister’s office to deliver letter that included demands to condemn the Persian state crimes against non-Persian peoples in Iran by the British government. It is worth to mention that the Ahwazi demonstrations continues where on Wednesday February 25, 2015 holding demo in Netherland in solidarity with Ahwaz’s internal mobility that were held since beginning of February 2015, due to deep discontentment of the Ahwazi people with Iran’s authorities’ policies that intentionally target the environment and the water resources in Al-Ahwaz. The Iranian authorities’ policies against the water of the rivers and dehydrating the wetlands have resulted in severe damage and destruction of Ahwaz’s climate and the emergence of toxic dust storms. The environmental problems in Ahwaz have been disturbing the lives of Ahwazi Arab citizens through facing diseases; many Ahwazis also face poverty, homelessness and unemployment because their agricultural lands versed dried in throughout Ahwaz.

Ahwazi Democratic Popular front


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