At the International Conference in Geneva, the Ahwazi Delegation Meets with the U.S. Representative

The Ahwazi delegation engaged in numerous meetings and communications during their presence in Geneva for participation in the annual United Nations conference. Member states of the UN and non-governmental humanitarian organizations attend this conference with the aim of raising awareness about the Ahwazi cause, the demands of the Arab people of Ahwaz, and the flagrant human rights violations committed by the Iranian occupation authorities.

The Ahwazi delegation also met with the representative of the United States, expressing gratitude for the firm stance of the United States and its opposition to the Iranian delegate at the conference. The Iranian delegate had actively sought to silence the Ahwazi team and representatives of the occupied and oppressed non-Persian peoples by Iran in the conference. Additionally, the Ahwazi team highlighted the significant terrorist practices carried out by the Iranian occupation authorities in Ahwaz and reiterated the demands of the Ahwazi people for freedom, the right to self-determination, and the restoration of the Ahwazi state in accordance with international resolutions and laws.


December 2, 2023


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