Continued pressure by security forces on Mohsen Daris after acquittal.

Mohsen Daris, acquitted of charges of complicity in murder, is facing intensified pressure and threats from the occupying Iranian security forces against him and his family.

Mohsen Daris, one of the detainees from the November ’98 massacre in the Nizār Bandar-e Ma’shūr area, a region of occupied Arab Al-Ahwaz, was once again targeted by security forces just a day after his release on bail and acquittal of the murder charges. Sources close to the family reported the attack on Mohsen Daris’s home by security forces aimed at intimidating him and his family.

During this assault, orchestrated by the law enforcement and the terrorist intelligence administration of the occupying Iran, household items were destroyed, and even Mohsen’s elderly and visually impaired mother was forcibly removed from the house. The intruders insulted the household with offensive language and remarks.

These sources added that over the past month since Mohsen’s release, he has been repeatedly pressured and threatened to leave the city and his home. Mohsen Daris, now responsible not only for caring for his child and elderly mother but also for his three nephews after his brother Abbas Daris, is under severe security pressures for forced migration and leaving the city. Mohsen Daris, who was imprisoned in a highly dubious and entirely fabricated security case since 1398, returned to his family’s embrace last month after posting bail.

According to statements by Ms. Farshad Tabanian, representing the Daris brothers, Mohsen was acquitted of complicity in murder but was sentenced to two years in prison for firearm possession. Consequently, he has been held for about three years longer than the prescribed sentence in prison.

Media Center for the Ahwazi Revolution



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