Iranian Patriotic Kurdish Party

Once again, a new game with a misleading yet confusing approach has been initiated by the separatist monarchy to sow discord.

The “Iranian Patriotic Kurdish Party ” was established in the fabricated political geography referred to as Iran by the separatist monarchists to create turmoil in the beliefs and determination of non-Persian nations struggling for independence and the right to determine their own destiny.

This newly emerged party holds no truth behind it other than being a spectacle to distort thoughts and unsettle public minds. Similar to the futile “Support Me” campaign of Reza Pahlavi, it is merely for normalizing and deceiving the minds of non-Persian nations. Any patriot knows that allegiance to a dynasty that has tasted the poison of enmity towards all non-Persian ethnicities is nothing but a lie.

This party, rooted in the monarchy, is internally akin to the hollow promises of Reza Pahlavi’s deviation during the Gina revolution, where he falsely promised the people their freedom with the help of Europe and America. Now, as confessed by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Trump’s administration, Reza Pahlavi has very close ties to the terrorist Sepah of the Pasdaran. It has been formed solely to sow seeds of despair in the hearts of these oppressed Iranian ethnicities.

Let’s be vigilant and not fall for the deceptions of enemies of non-Persian nations, be it the ruling regime, the separatist monarchists, or any other faction.

Media Center for the Ahwazi Revolution



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