The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front commends the decision of the Swedish Court of Appeals, affirming the life sentence for Hamid Nouri, one of the officials responsible for crimes in the Iranian regime. It calls on the world to follow Sweden’s lead.

Since the establishment of the fascist rule in the Islamic Republic after the non-Persian nations’ revolution and the Persian people in 1979, which overthrew the oppressive monarchy, this authority has committed systematic massacres and terrorism. It committed atrocities in Ahwaz when the forces of the Iranian occupation, represented by the Islamic Republic, attacked the unarmed civilians of Ahwaz in the city of Muhammara on the 29th and 30th of May 1979. More than 400 innocent Ahwazi citizens, including children, women, and the elderly, fell victim to this massacre.

The massacres continued in Kurdistan, Baluchistan, Turkmenistan, and southern Azerbaijan, followed by mass executions that lasted for four decades. These included the political executions in the 1980s and the mass executions after the uprising on April 15, 2005, in the occupied Ahwaz. The most brutal of these was the massacre in the Ahwazi city of Ma’shour in November 2019, where the Iranian occupation regime killed 150 unarmed Ahwazi civilians, encircling them in the marshes near Ma’shour, shooting them mercilessly, and then burning their bodies to hide their crime.

No one can forget the crime of the Iranian occupation authorities in Baluchistan on September 30 during the Women’s Freedom and Life Revolution. The Iranian regime killed dozens of Baluchi citizens after they left Friday prayers in the city of Zahedan, which they called the “Bloody Friday”. The Iranian occupation regime killed more than 90 Baluchi civilians peacefully protesting for their human rights.

The crimes of the Iranian regime, which have exceeded all limits, have entrenched violence and organized terrorism in the region. It has supported all terrorist organizations and militias in the region and the world. The criminals of the regime and the terrorists roam freely in Europe and North America and in all countries that support freedom and democracy. They become more audacious in committing heinous crimes if the free world does not hold them accountable.

The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front, while applauding Sweden’s historic judicial decision, congratulates all victims of the Iranian regime’s terrorism on this triumph. It urges the European Union, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia to take similar actions and hold accountable all Iranian regime’s criminals who have committed crimes against innocent civilians. This is to ensure that their countries do not become safe havens for Iranian terrorist gangs that exploit the foundations of freedom, democracy, tolerance, and the rule of law in these countries as a cover for their terrorist activities.

Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front


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