Iranian government attends to end the school year earlier to prevent protests during the election

Our reliable sources of ADPF’s media center from the inside of Ahwaz has reported that the Persian occupation authorities has dispatched urgent confidential orders to all the Ministry of Supreme Education and all school organizations in the country, especially in Ahwaz, for the preparation to conduct so-called presidential elections in Iran, that ends the school year earlier than usual.  This procedure aims to control the tense situation in Iran because of the economic and political crises in the country. As a result of the racial governing policies of the fascist regime towards the non-Persian peoples in Iran, the government fears the protests of people might destabilize the security inside the country and its political situation. The presidential elections held in 2009 and the protests that followed the fraud result of the election, and the arrival of Ahmadinejad to the presidency, are the reasons why they are attending strict procedures such as ending the school year earlier, to prevent any protests or demonstrations.


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