Hamas Engages in Theft of Humanitarian Aid

The Israeli army has commented on this matter, stating: ‘It’s another document proving the gap between the inhabitants of Gaza and the leadership of Hamas! Hamas members assault Gaza residents and steal food supplies and humanitarian aid. Documents revealed today highlight the divide between the Hamas movement and the people of Gaza. Hamas members assault civilians in Gaza and steal bags of humanitarian equipment.

Additional documents were revealed today concerning the gap between Hamas and the Gaza residents. Hamas members are assaulting civilians in the Al-Sajaiya neighborhood, physically attacking and verbally abusing them while taking bags of humanitarian equipment brought into the Gaza Strip.

This video shows Hamas members taking equipment from non-military individuals, assaulting them, and then heading towards Hamas sites. Hamas is depriving Gaza residents of food and equipment, redirecting them toward its terrorist activities and needs.

Hamas leaders have become estranged from the people of Gaza and their suffering. Hamas is an enemy to the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.

Media Center for the Ahwazi Revolution


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